Herbs think piece Part2

This article is about Nettle, a member of the Poaceae family.

What is Nettle?

It is about 30-50 cm high and the leaves and stems become red and swollen when touched. This is due to the presence of spines called thorny hairs.

Origin of scientific name

Scientific name: NUrtica dioica L

Derived from an ancient Latin word meaning “prickly”.

Means “dioecious”.

How to use

How to cook

The young leaves can also be boiled and eaten like spinach.

The stems and leaves have thorns, so they must be cooked before eating.

Benefits of Nettle

Thers antihistamine properties and helps to relieve allergy symptoms.

It is also a good source of iron, which helps to prevent anaemia and purify the blood.

How to grow Nettle

Ther’s sensitive to heat and humidity and should be grown in well ventilated soil.

Poor air circulation makes it easy for beetles to get hold of them.

・Points of note
Don’t plant in the garden as it invades the ground with its creeping roots.


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