Harbs think peace Part11

In this article, we will discuss wild strawberry, the original herb before the current strawberry was distributed.

Main ingredient

You have probably heard of this ingredient, but its main action is water regulation.

In other words, it helps to eliminate excess water in the body, which can help to eliminate obesity caused by water weight gain.


Strawberries are the ancestors of the strawberries currently available in the market, and were eaten until the advent of the modern strawberry.

In Lapland, there is a recipe for pudding made by mixing strawberries and reindeer milk.

Various Uses


Strawberries can be eaten raw or used to make jams, ice cream, pies, tarts, and other pastries. It can also be used to flavor liqueurs and wines.

It can also be used as a herbal tea, and a refreshing herbal tea can be made from the berries. The taste is similar to that of Bancha, so it may be good for everyday drinking.


The berries have anti-inflammatory properties, and there is a folk remedy for healing burns by placing crushed berries on the burns.

The fresh leaves are slightly toxic and should not be used in their raw state.

The toxins are released during the drying process and disappear when completely dried.


This herb is relatively easy to grow and should be grown in pots.
It prefers fertile soil with good drainage and a sunny location.


It was first cultivated in France during the Middle Ages, around the 14th century, when it was grown for its flowers, not its berries.

In the 16th century, varieties other than wild strawberries began to be cultivated. All of them were less acidic and smaller in size.

Around 1710, a variety called the Chilean strawberry was introduced, which is the origin of today’s strawberry.

In Christianity, it is a symbol of justice and one of the grasses dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

German mythology

In the Bavarian region of Germany, there is a myth that forest fairies help cows produce more milk. The story goes that if you tie a basket of wild strawberries between the horns of a cow, the fairies will be happy to let her produce more milk.

Scientific name: Flagaria Vesca

Flagaria is named after the Latin word fragre, “fragrant”, meaning “aromatic”.


means “edible.


In this article, I have explained about wild strawberry.

I have talked briefly about its history, but all herbs are deeply related to the history of mankind, and if we know the history of herbs, we can understand how mankind has found various things from herbs.

In ancient Egypt, various essential oils were used to preserve mummies, in the Middle Ages, beautiful herb gardens were created, and even today, herbs are used in food flavoring and cosmetics, which shows the inseparable relationship between herbs and humans.

Why don’t you also look into the history of not only herbs but also other herbs? Knowing the past will help you understand the present and help you understand things in their true meaning.




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