Herbs think piece Part4 Fennel

In this article we will introduce you to fennel, the perfect herb for fish dishes.

Fennel Ecology
Foenicum vulgare

A large herb growing up to 1-2m with all parts available.

it is characterised by its narrow, pinnately lobed leaves which grow on top of each other.

The flowers are borne on stalks in early summer and summer, followed by brown berries in autumn.

フェンネル 花



Main ingredients and
action of fennel

Methyl Chavicol

Methyl chavichol is an anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, antispasmodic and antiviral agent.


Anethole is a cough suppressant and expectorant, effective in relieving colds from the throat.


It is found in the seeds and has an anise-like flavour. When chewed, it helps to remove bad breath.

Fennel Various uses
Foenicum vurgare


Fennel is known as the “fish herb” in Europe because it goes well with fish dishes. The herb can also be used in olive oil to make herb oil and in vinegar to make herb vinegar.


It is used for indigestion and heartburn in adults and helps with digestion.

This herb tea is also known to help with colic in infants and to improve milk production in mothers.


The seeds should be sown directly as they do not like to be transplanted. A sunny, sandy soil is particularly recommended.

If producing seeds, let them flower and cover with a paper bag in late summer, then cut and ripen.


The plant dates back to 4000 BC, when it was used as a diuretic and painkiller in ancient Egyptian times, as recorded in the Edels Papyrus, a medical book of the time.

In ancient Greece it was a symbol of success and was called Marathon because it grew on the battlefield at the Battle of Marathon, where the Greeks defeated the Persians.

Other varieties

Florence Fennel

In Italy it’s called finocchio.It has a wide range of applications, including soups and salads.



The leaves of this herb have a beautiful bronze colour which transfers to the vinegar when soaked.

Scientific name: Foenicum vulgare MIll

The word is a combination of the words hay and small.

The word means “normal”.


This article is about fennel.

As an aside, there is a European proverb: “The rich eat fish and fennel. The poor eat only fennel. A European proverb says: “The rich eat fish and fennel, the poor eat only fennel”, which reminds us that fennel was once a very common part of everyday life.

If you see fennel, try it with fish. If you see fennel, try it with fish, it will make your everyday fish dishes even more delicious and I personally recommend it.



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